File Cabinet Locks and Office Security

File Cabinet Locks and Office Security

If someone tried to break into your filing cabinet or computer at work, would they be able to easily access it? This is an important question to ask, but sadly one that is not asked enough. Office security should be taken as seriously as home security because the office is a place where workers spend the majority of their time. The office can be an easy target for theft. Therefore, you need to be sure that you have all your belongings secured at all times. In order to do this, it’s a great idea to invest in durable filing cabinet locks and to implement some of the filing security measures discussed below.

1. Common Theft in Offices

Thieves and intruders target office items such as computers, iPads, phones, and any valuable item that can be found in an unlocked or poorly locked cabinet. In large offices with many workers or many doors for strangers to enter, valuable items can easily be stolen. Depending on where you are situated in the office, you may want to secure your items more securely than other workers. Valuables near doors or in high traffic areas are easier to steal than items in a locked cabinet or office.

File Cabinet Locks and Office Security

2. Best Ways to Secure Filing Cabinets

Depending on the type of filing cabinet you have, you may need a particular lock. The best thing you can do to maximize the security of your belongings and office equipment is to purchase a durable lock, such as a cam lock or sliding door ratchet lock. You may want to speak with a locksmith to determine the best lock for your cabinet or drawers.

It is advised that the original lock on the cabinet or drawer be replaced with a new lock because other workers or maintenance workers in the office could have duplicate keys. Purchasing your own new lock and having it installed means you are the only one who has access. Additionally, you may want to consider relocating your filing cabinet or storage cabinet if it is not near you. The closer it is to your desk, the better you can keep an eye on it.

File Cabinet Locks and Office Security

3. Basic Office Security Tips

While bolting down a filing cabinet can be a great security measure, there are other items in the office that can be the target of theft that you cannot bolt down. Computers and laptops are major targets for thieves, as they contain private documents and financial information. No matter how complex of a password you create to lock the computer or laptop, it is a good idea to bring the laptop home with you at the end of every day. Also, lock it up during your lunch break, or lock it in a secured filing cabinet at the end of the day. For desktop computers or printers, you may want to consider bolting it down to a desk and storing the keypad and mouse in a cabinet at the end of the day.

Another important office security measure is to install data protection software. Typically, office management will provide this for all computers. If not, then consider purchasing your own to protect your documents and privacy online. If you have your own office, install a small security camera somewhere discreet but pointing at your cabinets and computer. While this does not necessarily stop someone from stealing your valuables, it can act as a deterrent if the thief spots it. Most large office buildings will already have an integrated security system, so you do not need to install your own.

Lastly, promoting employee training that focuses on creating a secure environment is key to building a safe office for all. Training involves educating employees on properly securing documents online, creating strong passwords for their laptops and computers and not sharing the passwords with anyone. It can also include how to secure your office and the building as well as how to keep your eyes out for anyone that looks suspicious and unfamiliar.

Office security is extremely important and should be taken seriously by all office staff. Take extra precautions by purchasing a high-quality lock for filing cabinets, securing all documents online with passwords, and keeping all valuables like purses, wallets, or other gadgets on you at all times. It only takes a quick second for someone to enter an office building and steal your supplies or belongings. Whether you are office management, staff, or even self-employed, everyone can benefit from these office security tips.


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