Do I Need a Locksmith to Rekey My House?

To replace door locks, most people just buy a new set of locks that fit through their existing door hole. That’s definitely a possibility, but, what you might not know is that rekeying is an option too. However, many people have never heard of it or don’t think of it as an option. In fact, rekeying a lock is usually cheaper than replacing it completely, and any good locksmith can determine if rekeying is an option for you before proceeding with anything else.

Why Would You Need to Rekey?

There are many reasons why you might need to rekey your locks. The most common reason for rekeying locks is to have total control of the access to your house. If you are moving into a house that has had previous tenants or owners, you might want to change the locks on the entire property to regain complete control. There’s no guarantee that the new set of keys you’re given are for a new lock. You also can’t be sure that no other copies were made. Rekeying a lock will guarantee that you are the only person to have access to the lock on your house.

If you think something is wrong, or you’re unhappy with your locks, you can call a local locksmith to rekey them. Doing this will allow the locksmith to examine the situation and give you a plan of action for rekeying the locks. Doing so will also allow the locksmith to lubricate the locks which can help with any issues.

What Does It Mean to Rekey?

When a lock is being rekeyed, the locksmith takes out the lock cylinder that contains the pins and springs. Those pins and strings will be removed and replaced by a new set of pins and strings. The new pins and springs can only be opened by using a new set of keys. Most locks currently sold in the market can be rekeyed as often as needed. You might even be able to make a basic lock work better than it could originally.

Do You Need a Locksmith to Rekey?

There are rekeying kits you can buy that can help you through the process of rekeying. It doesn’t sound complicated in theory, but different locks work differently. Some styles and brands will be more difficult to rekey than others. If you think that something is malfunctioning with your lock and you just wish to check it, we suggest calling the local locksmith to do that for you. Using a professional locksmith will decrease the chance of harming the lock even further and rendering it useless.

Nowadays, you can buy a lock that’s manufactured to be rekeyed. Standard re-keyable locks typically come with two sets of keys and a reset key. When you insert the reset key inside a re-keyable lock, the pins return to a neutral positioning. You can then insert a new key from the same manufacturer. This re-keying process takes away the intricate process of disassembly, which makes it an easy job for the average consumer. However, re-keying can create a situation that can result in further issues down the road. Store-bought re-keyable locks tend to be easier to bypass than traditional locks, meaning a skilled burglar can easily break in. This can become a safety issue for your home if you don’t rekey your locks properly.

So, unless you have plenty of experience rekeying locks, your best option is to contact your local locksmith to do the job. They have the experience and knowledge of working with many different lock styles and various lock brands. These factors play a part in how a lock functions as well as in how to work the locking mechanisms that are inside.

A locksmith will also be able to tell you if you shouldn’t be rekeying your house locks but rather replacing them. You might feel that rekeying is the best option, but only a professional will be able to tell if something is wrong with your house locks.

For the best long-term result, it is advised that you call a local locksmith to re-key your locks.

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