8 Hotel Security Tips to Keep You Safe

8 Hotel Security Tips to Keep You Safe

When you book a hotel for a vacation or a work trip, you expect to enjoy a safe stay – no matter if it’s for one night or one week. Unfortunately, even though it should never be the case, the personal security of hotel guests can be violated. Vacation time should not be a time to forget safety measures that keep you and your belongings secure. The next time you book a hotel room, ensure you are following these top hotel security tips to keep you safe.

1. Be Picky About Where Your Room Is

When booking your hotel room, always ask for a room that is not on the bottom floor. If you can find a room on levels three and above, this is ideal. This is because the first floor, or ground floor, is the easiest floor for entry by thieves or criminals. The third floor and higher means you and your family can sleep soundly at night knowing your door and windows are out of reach from anyone up to mischief.

8 Hotel Security Tips to Keep You Safe

2. Never Leave Luggage

Always keep your luggage close to you upon arrival or when leaving your hotel. If you are traveling with someone, have them keep an eye on your luggage and vice versa. Even if you are using the washroom, bring your luggage with you. Luggage with no one next to it is an open invitation for a thief to run off with it.

3. Inspect the Lock

Examine the lock as soon as you get into your hotel room, and make sure you report any malfunctions with it as soon as possible. If the look is not functioning properly, the hotel staff will more than likely be able to get you in a room with a working lock. Make sure the lock has a deadbolt, as this will keep your door secure more than a regular turn knob lock.

8 Hotel Security Tips to Keep You Safe

4. Report Missing Keys

If you or someone you are sharing a room with lose a hotel key, always report it to the front desk. Hotel keys gone missing and laying around somewhere for easy grabbing are perfect for thieves to find. It is usually no problem to get a new key from the reception desk, or if this is not possible, ask for a new room.

5. Lock Up Valuables

Most travelers bring their laptop, jewelry, cameras, and other expensive electronics or goods with them on a trip. Ask before booking your hotel room if there is an in-room safe, and if not, bring a portable one to hide in the room somewhere. Valuables left lying around in the hotel room can easily be snatched by cleaning staff or anyone who finds entry to your room. If you get to your room and realize you forgot to ask about a safe or bring your own, you can easily hide things deep under the bed or bury it in your suitcase.

8 Hotel Security Tips to Keep You Safe

6. Use a Door Wedge

If you have never heard of a door wedge before and are a frequent traveler, you may want to do some research! Door wedges are easy to use and slide under the hotel door from inside the room. This way, if anyone managed to unlock your door, they will be unable to push it open due to the wedge. These can be purchased for a relatively low price and are lightweight, so they are easy to pack in your carry-on, purse, or suitcase.

7. Always Grab Two Business Cards

Upon your arrival, grab a business card and keep it in your room next to your bed, and put one in your wallet or purse. This is to ensure you can provide the address and name of your hotel in case of an emergency.

8. Use a Chair

While on vacation, you want to ensure you are getting a peaceful sleep without staying up worrying about your safety. Place a chair up against the door and stack a couple glasses or other heavy objects in front of the door as well. If someone managed to unlock your door, the objects or chair would alert you as they push the door in.

The next time you book a hotel stay, do not forget these eight hotel security tips to keep you safe – from the time you arrive until the time you depart.


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