5 Things to do Before Calling a Locksmith

Locks get old and start deteriorating, this can be a frustrating problem because as a result, they become more difficult to use. Most times when you discover your lock will not work any longer, it is at the most inconvenient time and when you least expect it. It is possible for locks to be changed by the homeowner but calling a locksmith will ensure that it is done properly. Before you call a locksmith to change your locks, there are a few things recommended you do:

1. Lubricate the Lock

Sometimes a stubborn lock can be easily fixed with a bit of lubricant. If you have WD-40, a lubricant spray, on hand you should try spraying it into the lock or keyhole. If the lock is still not showing any sign of improvement, then call up your local locksmith to have him or her replace it.

2. Find an Open Window

If you locked yourself out of your home, try this alternative. Nobody wants to stand outside for hours until someone can bring you a spare key. If this ever happens to you, before you call a locksmith, try taking a walk around the entire house to see if you can find an unlocked or open window.

3. Use a Hanger

Trapping your car key in the trunk or forgetting it on your front seat is a terrible feeling. Usually, the key is not within reach of an open window, making the task of retrieving it quite difficult. However, before you call a locksmith, try using a coat hanger or similarly shaped item to shimmy down the window opening. If you have success, then you will not need to call a locksmith.

You may even want to call a friend or co-worker who can help maneuver the hanger down towards the lock. Luckily, there are many 24-hour locksmiths who can arrive at your car quickly if you can’t retrieve the key yourself.

4. Jiggle the Key

Sometimes, when you turn the key in the lock, the lock does not turn, or it takes a bit of jiggling to get the lock to budge. This can be frustrating especially when you are carrying bags of groceries or a drink because it can be difficult to balance items while fiddling with the door. If you have a lock that is stubborn to open, try lubricating it first and gently jiggle the key while turning.

You might also want to check your key to make sure it is not bent or damaged because this could be the cause of the problem. A hard-to-turn lock is usually a sign that you need to get a new lock. However, lubricating it and jiggling the key can work temporarily. It may be a good idea to keep the number of an emergency locksmith on you in case you need to get a new lock immediately.

5. Put Pressure on the Door

The door itself can sometimes be the cause of any difficulty in turning the lock. For doors that open inwards, try pulling the door very hard towards you as you turn the key. With this pressure, you should be able to smoothly turn the lock. For doors opening outwards, push the door away from you and turn the key at the same time. Certain doors can be heavy, and the lock mechanism has pressure on it from the door that doesn’t allow it to turn easily. When this is the case, try pushing away or pulling the door towards you.

Dealing with a stubborn or malfunctioning lock is troubling and time-consuming. Often, we put up with difficult locks for longer than we should. However, there are many ways to try to fix the lock at home, such as with lubricant or jiggling the key. When the lock begins to show no signs of improving, or you can no longer deal with a stubborn lock, phone a locksmith to change the lock for you. Locks are placed on cars and homes to keep your belongings safe and intruders out. Because safety is a priority, make sure that you replace your lock if you decide that it is becoming worn out.

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